Send passwords more secure

Sometimes it is inevitable to send passwords and credentials to a counterpart who needs access to some kind of management tool because there is not extended and secure user management available. I always just sent the credentials with the login link. Now imagine what this means: A potential scanner or crawler could find my the… Continue reading Send passwords more secure

Redirecting with mod_rewrite

Assume you have a shiny new site with great content, a new URL (or http address) and are expecting customers. Unfortunately your old site is not yet really gone in the search results but luckily you still have access to your old address. There is an easy way to redirect the users, who click on… Continue reading Redirecting with mod_rewrite

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Why DevOps?

Why not just developers, like Steve Balmer once said? Why not just managers? Why do you need someone who understands how software is written and who also understands how it can be tested, packaged, deployed and maintained in an automated manner? I think this question answers itself, doesn’t it? I’d like to bring up an… Continue reading Why DevOps?

Improve Gimp UI integration

Okay, this is nothing functional and really just something for the eye. I am using Gimp on a regular basis and think it is a really great piece of software. There was just something that annoyed me every time I used the software: The font integration which looked to me somehow “out of place”. Let… Continue reading Improve Gimp UI integration

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