Apply changes to multiple development branches

Let’s assume you have a simplified agile development process like this one: During planing the version numbers are specified and during development branches (like “release/1.5.10”) are used to collect all changes developed in development branches (like “bugfix/reference/1.5.10” where “reference” stands for a ticket number, a short description or any other reference to a in depth… Continue reading Apply changes to multiple development branches

Unify line endings

Let’s assume you have a software project and the line endings of the files are inconsistent. Meaning, that git commits and pushes without proper configuration will result in a merge disaster because the merge tools recognize the whole file as changed and not just the lines actually changed. When working on Windows or on a… Continue reading Unify line endings

Archive, compress and send

You want to archive (tar), compress (gzip) and send (scp) a directory in one command? With Linux, it is possible: What does it do? tar cf – yourdir creates a uncompressed archive and writes it to standard out (stdout). gzip -9 -c reads from standard in (stdin), compresses and writes to standard out. ssh -l… Continue reading Archive, compress and send

Send passwords more secure

Sometimes it is inevitable to send passwords and credentials to a counterpart who needs access to some kind of management tool because there is not extended and secure user management available. I always just sent the credentials with the login link. Now imagine what this means: A potential scanner or crawler could find my the… Continue reading Send passwords more secure

Why DevOps?

Why not just developers, like Steve Balmer once said? Why not just managers? Why do you need someone who understands how software is written and who also understands how it can be tested, packaged, deployed and maintained in an automated manner? I think this question answers itself, doesn’t it? I’d like to bring up an… Continue reading Why DevOps?