Theory vs. experience

Question: “Do you understand?”Answer: “Yes!”Order: “Okay, then implement it.”Question: “How do I start?” And that is the difference between understanding something in theory and having experience doing it. There is a lot to it and in this article I’d like to cover this topic on the specific example of creating a repository for your work.… Continue reading Theory vs. experience

I’m a hybrid morning person

What is a hybrid morning person you ask? I love working and getting things done in the morning, but from the comfort of my bed with my laptop on my knees.

Cleanup Linux logs

I just had the case that my disk on a Linux VM ran full and I had to make space quickly. I was willing to sacrifice my journald logs in order to make the urgent update work and I was able to free up a few gigabytes of space with the following commands. This drops… Continue reading Cleanup Linux logs

Wait for host in BaSH

Okay, this one is a little specific, but I recently had this issue and I wanted to share it because knowing this would have saved me one scripting language and a lot of time. I have previously implemented this in PowerShell, but it can easily be done in BaSH as well. The premise was to… Continue reading Wait for host in BaSH