Cleanup Linux logs

I just had the case that my disk on a Linux VM ran full and I had to make space quickly. I was willing to sacrifice my journald logs in order to make the urgent update work and I was able to free up a few gigabytes of space with the following commands. This drops… Continue reading Cleanup Linux logs

Wait for host in BaSH

Okay, this one is a little specific, but I recently had this issue and I wanted to share it because knowing this would have saved me one scripting language and a lot of time. I have previously implemented this in PowerShell, but it can easily be done in BaSH as well. The premise was to… Continue reading Wait for host in BaSH

Automate with ssh

Scenario I have a bunch of Linux hosts to perform actions on. Updates, certificates, cleanup, you name it. I do all my work over “ssh” but for that to work the hosts must be trusted. Of course I can use “ssh-keyscan” to get the keys but my own “known_hosts” file gets pretty messed up when… Continue reading Automate with ssh

Run Linux services only as local user

Some time ago I wanted to let services like Apache, application servers, databases and stuff run as “Active Directory” users under Linux. Linux uses a component called “winbind”, which is part of the all famous “Samba” package, to connect to an “Active Directory”. What it does is basically map your AD (short for “Active Directory”)… Continue reading Run Linux services only as local user

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