Automate with ssh

Scenario I have a bunch of Linux hosts to perform actions on. Updates, certificates, cleanup, you name it. I do all my work over “ssh” but for that to work the hosts must be trusted. Of course I can use “ssh-keyscan” to get the keys but my own “known_hosts” file gets pretty messed up when… Continue reading Automate with ssh

Escaping in shells

First things first: A string with spaces is enclosed in either single quotes ‘ or double quotes “. The difference you ask? Single quotes are treated “as is”: No variable replacement, no parsing, just a string. If you want to embed a variable value, you have to concatenate the string. Period. Double quotes allow dynamic… Continue reading Escaping in shells

Eclipse bundle creator

For development of Spring Boot applications, designing Jasper reports, writing regular Java applications and libraries build with Gradle, development of database scripts and DB management in general with DBeaver and development of C/C++ applications I use Eclipse with a few plugins. Now eclipse releases a new version every three month and I was always annoyed… Continue reading Eclipse bundle creator

Setup Msys2 automatically

Some time ago I wrote a short post on “How to develop a 64bit C application on Windows 10 with Visual Studio Code“. To be honest´it is a little bit tricky setting up the development environment, with gcc, gdb, make and other required tools. So I have extended my automated installation script. This script will:… Continue reading Setup Msys2 automatically

Get full path of executable in PATH variable

Ever wanted to get the full path of an executable that is located in the global PATH variable? Maybe for configuration purposes? Take a look at the following snippet. It may help you: This will show the full path of the parent folder containing “code.cmd”. The term “code.cmd” could be replaced with “java”, “cmd”, “powershell”… Continue reading Get full path of executable in PATH variable

Debugging with PowerShell

I see a huge demand for automation even in areas that are not primarily associated with software development or IT in general. And I also see people getting more and more interested in scripting and coding to get annoying, repetitive and boring tasks done more easily and robust. There is only one drawback: Code that… Continue reading Debugging with PowerShell