Schools and work

1991-1995Elementary school Lorüns
1995-2001High school Blumenstraße Bregenz
2001-2004Commercial school Bludenz
2004-2006Evening exam Feldkirch
2007Work as a shop assistant in retail
2008-2011Bachelor’s degree in computer science University of applied sciences Vorarlberg
2012-2016Software engineer at Robotunits GmbH
2013-2016 Master’s degree in computer science University of applied sciences Vorarlberg
2016-2017Software engineer vresearch Dornbirn
2017-2018Senior software engineer Axians ICT
2018-2022DevOps engineer at Heron Innovations Factory
from 2020Additional self employment: General DevOps tasks. Most of the articles on this site originate in these tasks and describe problem solutions for them.
from 2022DevOps engineer at wikifolio Financial Technologies AG

Technical skills

Operating systems

  • Microsoft Windows since XP
  • Microsoft Windows Server since Server 2003
  • Debian GNU/Linux and derivatives (Ubuntu, Mint)
  • Arch Linux
  • Specialized BSD ports like pfSense and OpnSense
  • FreeRTOS in the scope of ESP32 development


  • Azure DevOps and Azure Portal & Services
  • GitLab Community Edition
  • GitHub & GitHub Actions
  • Jenkins (self hosted and as Docker container)
  • Managing self hosted runners for all services mentioned above
  • Docker and Kubernetes