Installing Git on Windows

I tried to sum up the installation options that I use and that make most sense to me. If course they are arguable and I can explain why I use them and why they make sense from my point of view. Git for Windows can be downloaded here. I have made the screenshots with the current… Continue reading Installing Git on Windows

Debugging with PowerShell

I see a huge demand for automation even in areas that are not primarily associated with software development or IT in general. And I also see people getting more and more interested in scripting and coding to get annoying, repetitive and boring tasks done more easily and robust. There is only one drawback: Code that… Continue reading Debugging with PowerShell

Generating a less problematic public/private key file

To use this tutorial OpenSSH has to be installed on Windows. This can be easily done with the following command. To execute it, PowerShell has to be started as administrator: I had problems with key files in the OpenSSH format: These files are created when using the plain “ssh-keygen” command: I was, for example, not… Continue reading Generating a less problematic public/private key file

AllInOne DevOps solution

“Learning” for me means “practicing”. That’s why I started initializing every single small project with a Git repository, setting up a simple build pipeline and exporting artifacts to a central repository and I do this for Java projects (Gradle, Maven) in the same manner as for .NET projects (dotnet, NuGet). One might ask now: Why… Continue reading AllInOne DevOps solution